Limburger Cake

Limburgse vlaai’ is a pastry traditionally associated with Belgian and Dutch Limburg. The pastry is regarded as typically Limburg elsewhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is often offered on occasions when people want to emphasise the hospitality of Limburg. One of the oldest mentions dates back to the 12th century. When Godfrey III of […]

Hasselt Speculaas

Speculaas a real delicacy from Hasselt! Hasselt is known for its tasty specialties. For example, what is known in large parts of Flanders as speculoos, we know in Hasselt as speculaas. And yes, that’s more than two letters difference! You can taste that immediately. First crunchy, then soft and then the nostalgic taste of those […]

Go back in time in Bokrijk

When you think of Belgian Limburg, you might also think of Bokrijk. This well-known attraction near Hasselt is a museum and park in one and is the ideal excursion for both adults and children. When you are in this open-air museum, you see buildings as they were during the First World War. You can see […]

Fashion Museum Hasselt

During a city trip to Hasselt, a visit to the Fashion Museum Hasselt is a must. You’ll find the most popular fashion trends of today and hundreds of years ago. From old designs like corsets to modern creations like mini skirts and crop tops: the expo has it all. Discover what your (great) grandparents used […]

Cycling through water

‘Cycling through Water’ in Bokrijk is a unique cycling experience in which you cycle more than 200 meters through a pond. The bike path opened in April 2016 and since then many cyclists and hikers have felt the magic of this place. In 2018, Time Magazine included Cycling Through Water in their list of World’s […]

Street Art in Hasselt

With more than 80 different works, Hasselt is the street art city par excellence. Walking through Hasselt you will come across one here and there: a large façade full of graffiti or a hidden gem of street art. They bring colour to Hasselt’s city centre. Yes, in Hasselt some walls and corners tell whole stories. […]

Welcome to Limburg

From mid-August, the heather is in full bloom. Extensive heath landscapes then form a beautiful backdrop for a walk or cycle trip. Hasselt is the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg. Belgium has a total of 10 provinces, 5 of which are in Flanders. Limburg has so much to offer in every season. Wonderful […]