Go back in time in Bokrijk

In Bokrijk Open Air Museum you will discover how the past inspires our future!

When you think of Belgian Limburg, you might also think of Bokrijk. This well-known attraction near Hasselt is a museum and park in one and is the ideal excursion for both adults and children. When you are in this open-air museum, you see buildings as they were during the First World War. You can see the park as a kind of time machine that takes you back to times long past in the Belgian countryside…

For children Bokrijk is a great place to learn a lot about life during the Great War. After all, it is much more fun and exciting than a history lesson in the classroom! There are also regular pottery workshops and in the souvenir shop you can buy all sorts of honest and traditional products. Even if you only go to Hasselt for a day, Bokrijk is worth a visit.

You have to pay to enter Bokrijk. The surrounding green area (including the Arboretum) can be visited for free.

Website: Bokrijk Openluchtmuseum