EMT 2021

Welcome to the 2021 JCI EMT!

Unfortunately Covid-19 also forced us to organize an online EMT in 2021, which took place on Friday evening 14th of May 2021.

The main focus on the EMT in 2021 is to look back at the history of the EMT. Since May 1979 the EMT yearly brings together young active citizens all over Europe, creating impact & friendship across borders. Guest speakers will talk more on the founding of the EMT and how impact was created over the years. Via 50 quiz questions we traveled through Europe and passed every EMT country, learning more about the different cultures and local traditions.

19h00: Welcome
19h15: Introduction
19h30: Guest speakers (the EMT in a pre-digital age: how people maintained contact)
20h30: The EMT quiz

The EMT 2021 was made possible thanks to the help and support from Ulrike (JCI Mannheim-Ludwigshafen), Chris (JCI Edinburgh), Anne and Henry (JCI Lappeenranta), Edouard (JCI Villefranche), Mike (JCI Alphen aan den Rijn) and Yves (JCI Hasselt).