Fashion Museum Hasselt

During a city trip to Hasselt, a visit to the Fashion Museum Hasselt is a must. You’ll find the most popular fashion trends of today and hundreds of years ago. From old designs like corsets to modern creations like mini skirts and crop tops: the expo has it all. Discover what your (great) grandparents used to wear and what the current generation of fashion designers is (willing to) fire at us.

The exhibitions are only temporary, so even if you have been here before, you can still discover new things!

Unfortunately, the clothes in the museum are not for sale. But who knows, you might get some ideas on how to become a famous designer yourself! By the way, most of the works you see here were created by some of the most popular fashion designers in the world. And a lot of these masters of their trade are also Belgians!

Website: Modemuseum Hasselt